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Jupiter’s Legacy’ Costume Designer on Using Sneaker Technology to Craft Netflix Series’ Superhero Outfits ︎︎︎


The 10 Superhero Franchises With The Best Costume Design. From DC to Marvel to Pixar, one of the most crucial things a superhero franchise must get right is the costumes. These are the very best. ︎︎︎

Den of Geek

Jupiter's Legacy costume designer Lizz Wolf and comics artist Frank Quitely explain how the characters' iconic looks were translated to the screen for Netflix's new show. ︎︎︎


How Jupiter’s Legacy’s Costume Designer found each superhero’s ‘Sacred Geometry’ ︎︎︎


Jupiter’s Legacy Interview: Costume Designer Lizz Wolf On Creating A Visually Stunning World Of Superheroes ︎︎︎


Jupiter’s Legacy Costume Designer Lizz Wolf On The Challenges Of Creating Skyfox's Awesome Suit (Exclusive) ︎︎︎


Jupiter's Legacy Costume Designer Lizz Wolf talks to us in detail about the challenges of creating Skyfox's costume in the Netflix series, revealing how it hinted at his true nature as a supervillain... ︎︎︎

The Credits

Costume Designer Lizz Wolf on Outfitting The Motley Crew of Superheroes in “Jupiter’s Legacy ︎︎︎

Den of Geek

Jupiter's Legacy Costumes - Designer Lizz Wolf Brings the Comics to Life ︎︎︎

Superhero Nexus

The Utopian Complete History (Jupiter's Legacy Jupiter's Circle) ︎︎︎

Weta Workshop

Pacific Rim Uprising - Making the Pilot Suits at Weta Workshop ︎︎︎
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